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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 17, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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always count on the bird's fans for pretty brutal honesty >> typical eagles. they get your hopes up and take the seat from underneath you. typical eagles. i'm not buying into it. not buying into it. they're going to go to not even make the playoffs. >> being the season i was kind of hesitate to be excited and now i kind of see why kind of seems to be unravelling. >> the last two weeks, the revs gained 220 yards, it's hard when you're playing against two teams at the same time. >> brutal honesty there. it's not getting easier. the undefeated minnesota vikings are up next sunday. turning to our weather and record warmth is on the way. meteorologist lauren casey is in the weather center to tell us about the hot days coming up >> hot days ahead certainly by october standards and even today, temperatures warmer than where we were at yesterday. 70's across most of the delaware valley, 71 our high temperature
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in philly. average high for today's date 67, above that 70 degrees the high in allentown. even mild in the poconos with high temperatures topping in the middle 60's, our temperature change over last 24 hours, pretty significant on the order of about ten to 20 degrees some of our reporting sites. much more mild, temperatures still up into the middle 60's many locations at this late hour. 65 degrees right now in cape may, 64 in atlantic city, calling in at 63 right now at philadelphia international airport and don't need that winter coat as you head out monday, 60 for 7:00, clouds around light winds, 63 by the 9:00. sunshine breaking through but clouds around mild and muggy and as we head to the upcoming week, upper level ridge, allowing this warmth high temperatures running about ten to 20 degrees above average talking about 80's in october. and not just one day and i'll let you know when the heat will be on in your full forecast coming up in a few. natasha. >> thank you.
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to campaign 16 news. the counted to election day is hitting the homestretch. donald trump supporters make their voices heard today at old city philadelphia. local trump supporters held the all american rally near the liberty bell early sunday. the bowl of the event was to showcase the diverse support for the republican brother nominee. now, the rally featured several speakers who criticized hillary clinton. speaking of hillary clinton, two women who lost their children due to police involved incidents campaigned on her behalf today in west philly. the two women shared hillary's commitment to criminal justice reform and equal rights for all people. clinton and trump were both absent from the campaign trail today as they get ready for the final presidential debate. but their running mates were making appearances. >> tim kaine went table to table sunday rallying support for
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hillary clinton at a miami diner. >> florida is close and so many other close states. we have to assume that's the case and i think it will be the case up to the end. >> the latest cbs battle ground shows clinton with a slim but growing lead over donald trump up 46 to 40 thanks to much stronger support among women than a month ago. now, up with that group boy 15 points. trump has been fighting growing list of sexual advances he denies the accusations. >> you have phony people coming up with phony allegations with no witnesses whatsoever >> on twitter sunday trump wrote election is being rigged by the media in a coordinated effort with the clinton campaign by putting stories that never happened into news. on meet the press, trump running mate was asked if the campaign would accept the outcome of the vote >> we will absolutely accept the are you notes of the election, but american people are tired of the obvious bias in the national media. that's where the sense of a rigged election goes here
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>> clinton's motor cade left her home heading for a round of debate press. "eyewitness news" is always also following the rates for senate in pennsylvania, republican pat toomey and katie mcginty told here here debate tomorrow night at 7:00 on cbs3 and look for full coverage and reaction at 11:00. we're learning more about a shooting that happened early this morning on the campus of lincoln university. campus officials say six or seven men armed with a handgun robbed two jewelry -- two men of jewelry. the victims jumped in a car and ran into several of the suspects. the suspects opened fire and a bullet went through the window of a van carrying security guards, a female guard was truck and taken to christiana hospital.
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the security guards were hired because of the extra campus activity. ridley park police are looking for clues into a home invasion on west ward street. it happened before 4:00 p.m., two men entered a home and got into a struggle with the homeowner. a fire armed discharged, grazing the homeowner's ear. he was treated and released from the hospital. police do not believe this was random, possibly just a mistaken address. north carolina officials say harm caused 1.5 billion dollars in damages to homes, businesses and government buildings. rescuers from our area who helped in the after are warmed back home safe and sound. "eyewitness news" at the philadelphia fire department special operations center. family friends and fellow first responders welcomed home to assist victims affected by the hurricane. the task force made several life saving rescues while stationed in lumberton north carolina.
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>> i think we had roughly 80 to 100 rescues and then 25 to 30 animal rescues. >> it's great experience for them. experience they bring back. it's capability they bring back, not just to the city of philadelphia but to the entire commonwealth and to the entire region. >> on one of their missions, the task force rescued a woman and her dog trapped inside a vehicle. that was surrounded by flood water. septa police meantime the cadets get to know the community they serve. new members on septa's police force held a special community meet and greet outside of the kensington and allegheny transportation center. this is all part of septa's ongoing effort to bridge the gap between the police and members of the community. >> the police officers getting hurt, we're seeing community members getting hurt. what i'm trying to do is introduce officers to the community so they know there are great people in our city that
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like the police. septa's cadets had a busy day, they were present at several other events all throughout the city as well. stay with us everyone. coming up at 11:00, a big animal in a very tight spot. how this rino got a tire stuck on its snout and the way rescue crews were able to remove it. a wind surfer gets a rough lesson from mother nature. how he found out testing the rough waves in the pacific northwest was a pretty bad idea. lauren? . remember that frosty start to the weekend saturday morning? all of that is ancient history with a big warmup in store. record high
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relief for a rhino tight spot. take a look, this rhino got a tire stuck on its snout drinking from a watering hole. the entire was preventing the
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animal from eating or drinking. they were able to tranquil lize him while they removed the tire. . a beautiful day for a beautiful tradition. one group celebrate a milestone, "eyewitness news" at eakin's oval where thousands came out to celebrate 30 years of the philly aids walk and run event. the annual 5k raises money to support hiv care services here in the greater philadelphia region. at last check, today's 5k raised more than a quarter of $1 million. also, susan g. komen three-day participant celebrated were any powerful closing ceremony. hundreds and men and women conclude add three-day 60 mile work to fight for breast cancer. they took off friday from the willing grove park mall and crossed the finish line today at the navy yard in south philly.
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>> it's a community, so it's only as tough as the person next to you. because the person next to you is going to pick you up when you fall, when you don't want to go anymore, and that's what we do for each other at susan g. komen. >> each participant had to raise minimum of $2300 in total. they raised more than $2.1 million for the cause. also shining pink, for breast cancer month. check out one south broad, the former p and b building. it's aglow in pink for national breast cancer awareness month. those pink lights are a reminder to schedule a mammogram and to stay vigilant. kennedy hospital in cherry hill showing off the beautiful pink lights. this is the 15th year for the lights for the cure campaign. you can find more information at runners pound the pavement in gloucester county.
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it was for great cause. "eyewitness news" in washington lane park in sewell for the sixth annual mothers matter 5k walk and run, the proceeds benefit the lauren rose albert foundation, mothers matter program, which help provide custom gift bags to women facing difficult challenges throughout the year. wild weather in the pacific northwest, it may be tempted for wind surfers and wave surfers but as you'll see, it can be very dangerous. this man was having a really tough time navigating the waves on a beach in seattle. firefighters had already warned the man not to go out, rescuers ended up having to rush to his aid pulling him from the wild water. now, the man told the reporter at the scene that he has 30 years experience and the waves were perfect. i wonder what he's thinking now. >> i think he's thinking he owes the firefighters a round of drinks >> absolutely. >> don't do it. >> he's like i'm going to do it. >> 30 years and still can't force with mother nature
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>> we had beautiful weather and it's going to get warmer. >> big warmup. chilly start to the weekend. one of our chilliest starts saturday morning, now talking about 80's in the forecast as we head into next week. and it is a mild start and it was nice evening yesterday for, there it is, the super man. all of its glory. i got great pictures from our viewers, thank you that super man last night looking 30% brighter and seven % bigger than our average full moon and cool to check out tomorrow night as well. a rocket launch was supposed to take off this evening has been postponed till tomorrow evening at 7:40 lifting off to the international space station to bring supplies in virginia so after launch time, we should be able to see about one to two minutes after 7:40 across much of the delaware valley, you want to look to the south. it should bes visible in the
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delaware valley. couple of clouds, no problems a live look at center city philadelphia, 63 current temperature, winds shifted out of the southwest. warmth and moisture as we head to the next several days, we'll be up into record territory. record in philadelphia tuesday 85 on wednesday, the record 80, we will break that record likely on wednesday and we'll get very close on tuesday. temperatures right now even pretty mild, only in the low 60's right now along the i95 corridor. milder in the poconos, 24 hours ago with temperatures in the middle 60's. up our due points, tell us about how comfortable it feels when you step outside. we started the weekend with that nice crisp fall-like hair. but you start to notice that moisture increasing and you'll definitely notice it as we head to tuesday and wednesday, but with that more moist air in place, temperatures aren't able to cool as efficiently over the overnight. so we'll fall back to 60 in philadelphia. overnight. mid 50's in the lehigh valley
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and upper 50's and low 60's along the coast. stormscan 3 showing us some activity right now north and west of the city. due to an upper level disturbance, a lot of this moisture is in the upper level. our radar is looking a little deceiving, not seeing moderator rainfall but sprinkle activity and light showers moving into the poke, trying to stretch south eastbound into the lehigh valley. that's where we'll have passing showers into the overnight period into tomorrow morning, still could see showers around lehigh valley up into the poconos, clouds around. as we head into the afternoon, the trend will be for the cloud to start to break up down the shore, as were head to evening, the nice viewing conditions view for the rocket launch. overnight partly cloudy mild 60 with a light south westerly wind, for the today tomorrow running above average, 79 degrees, mix of sun and clouds with the chance of a passing shower, north and west of the city, that will be best chance of rain in the poconos, very light in intensity. 70 degrees the high temperature. a mix of sun and clouds down the
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shore, especially for the first half of the day. 75 degrees and more sunshine as we head into the afternoon then definitely more heat as we head into mid week, 84 degrees that would be one degree shy of that record high temperature wednesday. we would smash the record high, humid as well. we'll likely be clicking on the acin october. a chance of isolated showers, best chance of rainfall will be friday. we eventually cool back to 60's by the start of next weekend. so ups and downs this week. changing out of clothing, accessories the whole thing. >> ac in october? >> i was just about to put the shorts away. thank you so much. don you breaking down the loss? you got the answers? >> no. >> no. >> i don't think the team has the answers. the suspension of lane johnson hurt the guys. it was trial by fire for his replacement big v and the fire
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we're laughing but >> tough break, it's going to be interesting. it was the biggest story line for the eagles heading into the game. they lost right tackle lane johnson to a ten-game suspension that opened the door for rookie halapoulivaa halapoulivaati vaitai. he was in the starting lineup in linebacker ryan kerrigan. kerrigan ate him alive. the dude had two and a half sacks in his previous five games. he had that and half time. ultimately the eagles lost 27-20 but doug pederson never thought about taking out big v. >> i've got so much confidence in all the guys. that send a bad message to the players, to the team. again, it's our job as coaches
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as the headcoach to make sure our guys are ready to play. >> so never thought about benching the guy. didn't end up well. eagles once again losing to washington. coming up in the sports zone we will talk about that and break it down with darwin walker and also, it was raining penalty flags out. 13 overall. that game against the steelers, ten penalties in that game as well. so we will talk about it >> we look forward to that. thank you so much, don. in two and a half minutes, forget about happy hour. this is ya, py hour. forget about happy hour. this is ya, py hour. where ♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give.
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we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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dog lovers and their logades friends humidly huddled together at the waterfront. "eyewitness news" in old city where pet parents and their k9 campaigns enjoyed yappy hour. those who attended the event enjoyed specialty cocktails. adorable pets were roaming about the room looking for parents taking them home. they were like where's
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lauren back with the trashing. warming things up. 79 high temperature, mix of sun and clouds, good viewing conditions for the rocket launch tomorrow evening, tuesday, wednesday, record heat. 84 tuesday, 83, muggy conditions, best chance of showers on friday. >> lauren, thank you. we appreciate that and we appreciate you joining us tonight. we're always on now, now it's the cbs3 sports zone and don bell. ♪
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honda sports zone on. eagles with a disappointing loss. seems like carson wentz was under siege all day long. darwin walker joins us to break it down and the union trying to clinch their second playoff in team history this afternoon in chester. highlights and more coming up next. >> hello and welcome to the honda sports zone, don bell in mourning with former eagles darwin walker. your quick reaction >> mourning? that's a heck of an adjective. i'm hurting right now. i feel bad for my guys. they should have played better. >> it was rough especially what we saw me land over maryland, let's get to the highlights. on the very first play of the game. carson wentz back to throw and sacked by ryan kerrigan, gets his jersey ripped on the first
2:32 am
play. >> you know what? don't understand i'm usually winners not the dogs from the other team. come on. what are we doing. >> later in the first quarter, washington driving kirk cousins, eagles down 7-0. here's carson again sacked big v. >> we going to get on that. i thought they should have had a better game plan. >> washington next possession, cousins over the middle. vernon davis first touchdown in 33 games. eagles down 14-0. penalized for excessive celebration. it's a short kick. here's wendell independence hall wood. the rookie. here you go. >> he go >> nothing small about this that was fantastic and got them back in the football game. >> 86 yards, eagles down 14-7,
2:33 am
but there's malcomb jenkins. >> what big play. you can criticize but this is what you're paying for, that is to make the big play to make a difference in the whole football game. >> you're feeling good at that point because they play poorly and the only 14-14, tidbit right before the half. here comes cousins, up top. good news. right? no, fletcher cox called for roughing the passer. good or no. >> i will call it a commission. that's this -- treating the quarterbacks like that? what is going on? that's terrible call. they can't that in the nfl football game >> mat jones makes them pay, washington up 21-14. third quarter, eagles down 24-14, wentz finds beckham. that's what you love about wentz, he can make place >> i've not lost any faith in my guy, carson wentz, who i believe
2:34 am
is special. >> now, we take it all back because there was an illegal back on wendell smallwood right there on the left. again, looked a little soft, i'm going to go to call the commissioner first thing monday morning because that's awful. not even tag. commissioner. >> goodell i'm calling you. >> third and 15, wentz goes down again. are you kidding me? man, it was that kind of game. they sacked him five times. now, the eagles looks to make a stochlt third and seven seven, matt jones, it's a game of 57, you're trying to stop the guy, you know, they're going to run, >> your pride is on the line. you got to say, no matter what, under all circumstances, you will not get this first down. >> and they couldn't do it.
2:35 am
back to back losses. lesley van arsdale with the locker room report >> penalties killed the eagles. the offense barely showed up. defense shaky and we learned just how much they're going to miss lane johnson. >> we got to look critically at what they're doing and what their assignment is. we're killing ourselves. whether or not, you know, you know, at the end of the day, the game is called. we cannot complain about it. we got to play smarter. >> reporter: all week long we heard how prepared big v was. he wasn't. >> after the game, you know, it's a little different, than practice, practice but games are different. got to keep working. >> had a couple of misassignments early. you know, felt like he settled into the game as the game wore


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